Monday, May 10, 2010

Front Loop Only Single Crochet Stitch

by M. J. Joachim
Updated 4/19/16

Step 1: Begin with a basic foundation chain + 1

Step 2: Insert hook in second chain from hook and single crochet in each chain across

Step 3: Chain 1, insert hook in front loop only of the first single crochet stitch. Do not insert through both loops of the single crochet stitch, but only the very front loop that is facing you.

Notice in the picture both loops from the previous row of sc at the top of the swatch. Instead of going under both of those loops, you want to insert your hook between them, under the first loop, but over the second one.

Step 4: Draw up a loop and proceed to make a regular single crochet stitch, only inserting your hook through the front loop of the indicated stitch.

*Chain 1 to begin a new row of front loop only single crochet.
*Count your stitches to keep edges straight.

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