Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chunky Pink Yarn Crocheted Blanket, Phase 1

by M. J. Joachim
Updated 4/20/16

So I’m at the craft store the other day…coupon + member discount + half price yarn wall are things I simply can’t pass up!

I found some of the prettiest pinkish, brown and peach fuzzy yarn. This was one of those times when buying on impulse was the only thing I could do. As I sorted through the container, all I found were three skeins of matching dye lots. It was a start, and who knew what I would end up making with my new yarn? All I knew was that I was going to start making something in the very near future.

A few days later, I took out my first skein of pretty pink, chunky yarn and my large size K crochet hook. I think I’ve mentioned before that I like making simple stitches with fancy yarns, so I proceeded to make a long chain (90 + 1 foundation chain, approximately 38 inches wide) and follow my Single Crochet with Slanted Rows pattern. Still unsure of what I was making, I chose to use up the entire skein, and see what I wanted to do after that.

*Special Note to Self: Fuzzy yarn needs to be wound into a ball before crocheting with it. As I neared the end of my skein, I spent more time untangling the yarn, than I did crocheting, something that can easily be avoided in the future!

Upon seeing that one skein measures 6 – 7 inches height with my pattern, I decided I needed to pick up a 2nd color of yarn and make a series of horizontal stripes; my mind and fingers were saying, “Blanket, crocheted blanket, you’ll see. This is a blanket in the making.” Creativity is a funny thing, as it gets us thinking outside the boxes of what we should and shouldn’t do. Since I really didn’t have any parameters or boundaries for my project, I could pretty much do whatever I wanted.

I ended up picking up some thick, brown yarn – not chunky and fancy, just extra thick, and decided this would make additional, alternate horizontal stripes for my blanket. Again, SALE, Member Discount, half price wall…you get the idea. There were 4 skeins of brown yarn with the same dye lot.

Continuing with the idea of using 1 skein per “horizontal panel,” I joined the brown yarn to my project at the end of a row. However, instead of following my same pattern, I decided to alternate rows of Reverse Double Crochet with rows of Traditional Double Crochet, to add some extra design and interest to my piece. Once my brown skein was finished, I joined a second skein of my fuzzy pink yarn, and proceeded to follow my previous single crochet with slanted rows pattern as before.

As I was working on this project last night, it occurred to me that I truly don’t have enough yarn to make a full sized blanket. However, that’s what I want to make, so I know that I’ll be visiting the yarn store in the future to pick up some more yarn and determine how to continue this pattern. I have a few ideas, but I can’t be sure until it’s time to get more yarn. This is only Phase 1.

I’ll be sharing this work in progress with you as it develops. Please feel free to join me, and make your own blanket simultaneously, or just have fun following along to see what happens next and watch my creative streak at work. Either way, I think you’ll find this is a great way to save money by purchasing yarn at bargain prices, practice a variety of crochet stitches, indulge yourself in the art of crochet design and explore the limitless ends of your own creativity.

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