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Begonia Square Apron Pattern

by M. J. Joachim
Updated 4/20/16

Perhaps this apron was inspired by the beautiful, blooming hyacinth in my yard, or maybe it was my anticipation for the coming of spring, with its splash of color and gorgeous new flowers. At any rate, it’s a delightful pattern, using stitches and motifs you may have discovered on this blog before. I’ve simply combined them into a unique and wonderful project, illustrating how the daisy crochet stitch and begonia square motif can be used together. This is my own original pattern, copyrighted as such, and happily shared with anyone who might like to visit my blog and have a little fun with some colorful yarn and lots of crochet stitches.

Uses 2 colors: A & B

You Will Need
4-ply cotton yarn,
4 – 5 skeins color A
1 – 2 skeins color B for an average size apron
Crochet hooks: size G and size I

Part 1: Make Begonia Square Motifs for top of Apron
Make 3 Begonia Square Motifs, 2 using size G hook, and 1 using size I hook

Begonia Square Motif Instructions

Uses 2 colors: color A is the flower, color B is the edging

Step 1: Chain 4 with color A; slip stitch into 1st chain to make a ring.

Step 2: Chain 4 (beginning of 1st petal), *Yarn over twice, insert hook into ring

Step 3: Yarn over, pull loop back out of ring and through 2 loops on hook (twice)

Step 4: Repeat from * in Step 2 continuing through step 3, until you have 5 loops on your hook; yarn over and draw through all 5 loops on hook (first petal complete)

Step 5: Chain 4

Step 6: Second and remaining petals – Repeat from * in Step 2 through Step 3 until you have 6 loops on your hook; Yarn over and draw through all 6 loops on hook.

Step 7: Chain 4

Step 8: Repeat steps 6 & 7 until you have 8 petals around ring, ending in chain 4 and joining to top of 1st petal. Finish off color A.

Step 9: Join color B to any chain 4 loop; chain 3 (counts as first double crochet), make 3 dc in same space.

Step 10: Make 4 dc in next chain 4 space

Step 11: Chain 6 (makes corner of square)

Step 12: Make 4 dc in each of next 2 chain 4 spaces

Repeat Steps 11 & 12 around, ending with chain 6 for last corner. Join to top chain of 1st double crochet. Finish off.

Part 2: Joining Begonia Square Motifs together

Use crochet hook G

A. Position motifs, making sure all are facing right side up

B. Place small motifs on left and right of larger, center motif

C. Keep large motif square and small motifs like diamonds

D. Join diamond corner of small motif to chain 1 space on side of large motif

Step 1: Insert hook from center motif through left motif to join yarn

Step 2: Chain 3, make picot stitch by slip stitching into 1st chain of chain 3 just made

Step 3: Chain 5; in top left corner of center motif, make (2 single crochet, picot, 2 single crochet), chain 5

Step 4: In next chain 1 space, make 1 single crochet and 1 picot; chain 5

Step 5: Repeat Step 3 for next corner of large motif

Step 6: Lay small motif (right sides facing each other) on top of large motif to join 3rd (small) motif to center (large) motif

Step 7: Once joined, open small motif and single crochet on right side of joined motifs

Step 8: picot, slip stitch to single crochet that joined motifs; finish off

Part 3: Body of Apron

Use crochet hook size I and the Daisy Crochet Stitch to make the body of the apron.

A. Measure width for size

B. Start pattern with color A

C. Crochet daisy stitch rows until they measure 6 to 7 inches

D. Join color B at end of row

E. Repeat Step C for color B, join color A, repeat Step C

F. Do not finish off. End last row on right side of apron.

Daisy Crochet Stitch Instructions

Foundation Row: Make an uneven number of chain stitches

Right Side (1st Row)

Step 1: Skip the first chain; draw up a loop in each of the next 4 chain stitches, keeping all 5 loops on hook

Step 2: Yarn over, draw through all 5 loops on hook

Step 3: Chain 1, draw up a loop from the center of the previous daisy stitch you just made

Step 4: Draw up a loop from the last vertical stitch of the previous daisy stitch you just made, and from the next 2 chains (5 loops on hook)

Step 5: Yarn over, draw through all 5 loops on hook

Step 6: Repeat steps 3 – 5 across row

Wrong Side (2nd Row)

Step 7: (beginning daisy to be made as first stitch in each new row) Chain 3, skip first chain, draw up loop from each of next 2 chains in chain 3, turn, draw up loop in first 2 horizontal stitches of previous row (5 loops on hook); Yarn over, draw through all 5 loops on hook

Repeat steps 3 – 5 for pattern, following step 7 to begin each new row.

Part 4: Attaching Begonia Square Motifs to Body of Apron

Step 1: Center motifs above apron to join. Crochet row in daisy stitch, attaching motifs as you go.

Step 2: Insert hook under motif corner, and close daisy stitch around motif, inserting hook under motif and chaining over it.

Step 3: Continue working daisy stitch across row, crocheting around corners and chain 1 space of center motif, and around corner of 3rd motif. Complete row in daisy stitch. Finish off.

Part 5: Apron Straps (make 2)

Use crochet hook size I for straps and daisy crochet stitch; make each strap approximately 48 inches long

Foundation chain: 9 chains, which will make 3 daisy crochet stitches across

Step 1: Close last daisy stitch of strap with a single chain stitch

Step 2: Line up strap to edge of apron

Step 3: Single crochet strap to apron; finish off

*Weave in all loose ends. Steam or block apron to relax stitches.

**To wear, slip straps under outside corners of begonia square motifs and criss-cross in back, tying in front around midriff.

Part 2 - joining motifs

Part 2 - joining motifs

Part 2 - joining motifs

Part 2 - joining motifs

Part 2 - joining motifs

Part 3 - F

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