Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chunky Pink Yarn Crocheted Blanket – Phase 2

Special Note:  I just found out about the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, starting next week. I will be participating simultaneously, as I continue participating in the A - Z Challenge. Things might get a little interesting as I combine the two. Wish me luck and if you knit or crochet (and blog about it), please join me and let's cheer each other on with this intriguing opportunity. 

P is for Phase 2 of my Chunky Pink Yarn Crocheted Blanket. Phase 1 began in March when I purchased the prettiest chunky pink yarn on impulse and let creative energy guide me from there. Continuing where we left off, Phase 1 is a completed series of 5 horizontal stripes, each made with one skein of yarn.

At the time of my initial yarn purchases, I bought three skeins of pink yarn and 4 skeins of brown yarn, each within their same respective dye lots. Consequently, I have 3 pink horizontal stripes, with 2 brown sections in between them, leaving me with 2 unused skeins of brown yarn.

I’ve decided that I want my initial foundation chain to be the top of my blanket. Therefore, I will not be crocheting a border or edge on this side presently. I may do so in the finishing details of this project, however. In truth, I haven’t decided yet.

Chunky Pink Yarn Crocheted Blanket – Phase 2 Instructions
For the purposes of these instructions, Color A is pink, Color B is brown
Step 1:  Finish off with Color A.
Step 2:  Join Color B to the very 1st stitch made in the foundation chain.

Step 3:  Chain 1, single crochet in same space. Make 1 sc in each row of single crochet horizontal stripes and 2 sc in each row of double crochet stitches on each side and at base of blanket. Make 3 sc in each bottom corner.

Note: Remember not to crochet across the top of the blanket.

Step 4:  Chain 3, turn; double crochet in each single crochet stitch on sides and bottom of blanket. Make (2dc, 2 chain, 2 dc) in each center stitch of bottom two corners of blanket.

Step 5:  Chain 1, turn; sc in each stitch around 3 sides of blanket, making 3 sc in each chain 2 space in bottom corners of blanket.
Phase 2 complete. I’ve got a few interesting ideas for Phase 3 and will need to pick up more yarn before proceeding. As always, I’ll keep you posted so you can follow along and make your own blanket simultaneously, or simply see where creativity leads me while I create this one. 

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