Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jasmine Crochet Flower

Jasmine crochet flowers were a direct result of yesterday’s post on Irish Lace. It seems we need flower motifs, leaf motifs and other crochet pictures and designs to make Irish lace. Since we are on the letter J for the A – Z 2012 Challenge, it seemed only logical to look up flower names that begin with J and see if I could design any of them for my future Irish lace project.  Incidentally, I believe you could sew some tiny glass beads in the center of these flowers to make them really stand out. More projects and ideas in the works, always more projects and ideas in the works…

Special Stitches Used in This Pattern
Picot: chain 3, slip stitch in first chain
Puff stitch: yarn over, insert hook in desired space, bring up a loop (4 times); yarn over and draw through all loops on hook, chain 1 to close

Jasmine Crochet Flower Instructions
Step 1:  Chain 3; slip stitch to 1st chain to form a ring
Step 2:  Chain 3; dc in center of ring, picot, make puff stitch in center of ring, make 2 more dc’s in center of ring (1st flower petal complete); make 2 more flower petals by repeating step 1 twice

Step 3:  Slip stitch into 1st chain 3 space; working behind petals in previous round, chain 3 and slip stitch into next chain 3 loop (3 times; join with slip stitch to 1st chain 3 space.

Step 4:  Make (chain 5, 1 triple crochet, picot, 1 puff stitch, 2 triple crochets and 1 hdc) in loop.  Slip stitch in same loop, repeat Step 4 once in same loop. Slip stitch in next loop.
{Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for next 2 loops, joining with a slip stitch in the last chain space.}
Finish off. Weave in loose ends.

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