Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mesh Backgrounds for Baby Bibs and Bonnets

Mesh backgrounds are open work crochet patterns that can be used alone or embellished with other techniques and stitches. There are numerous designs you can create, depending on the type of mesh background you use. For example, filet crochet is a mesh background using double crochet stitches to offset closely woven crochet stitches that make pictures and designs in the fabric. Irish lace uses a mesh background of chain and picot stitches to offset individual lace motifs. 

Netting is another type of mesh background that can be used alone, say for a beach bag or hammock, or as the foundation of more in-depth project. Mesh backgrounds don’t necessarily have to (very) open to produce more extravagant projects. In this baby bib project, I used a mesh background of double crochet stitches. Obviously, a baby bib needs to protect the clothing underneath, so using an open work mesh background would have been out of the question.

Mesh backgrounds can be used in addition to other stitch patterns, enhancing a project with decorative details. This simple netting mesh pattern created the perfect visor for a baby’s bonnet. Baby bibs and bonnets are easy to make, because you can use basic stitches both as the base for the project and as mesh backgrounds or pattern details to create stunning projects.

Simple Baby Bib Instructions
Use cotton yarn and basic stitches to make a simple rectangle. When your rectangle is long enough, continue crocheting the strap, without working all the way across the bib row. Attach it to the other side. You can use a loop, Velcro or simply crochet it in place. Finish your project by adding a simple trim, embellishing with raised stitches or attached motifs on the front.

Simple Baby Bonnet Instructions
Crochet a simple baby bonnet the same way you crochet a baby bib. Make a (horizontal) rectangle. Match the two short ends together and join the long side (which is folded in half) with a seam. Add short straps (to avoid a choking hazard) to your project. Open the bonnet and crochet a trim or visor. Add embellishments according to preference.

Baby bibs and bonnets work up quickly and easily. They can be given away as gifts, sold on the Internet or kept for little ones in your own family. Mesh backgrounds make it easy to crochet all sorts of baby bibs and bonnets by using a simple pattern, and creatively changing it with each baby bib and bonnet you crochet.