Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quality Crochet Tools

Special Note:  I just found out about the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, starting next week. I will be participating simultaneously, as I continue participating in the A - Z Challenge. Things might get a little interesting as I combine the two. Wish me luck and if you knit or crochet (and blog about it), please join me and let's cheer each other on with this intriguing opportunity. 

In reality, there are truly only 2 things anyone needs to crochet – some yarn and a hook. Oh, it’s true; there are loads of books telling you about all sorts of (accessories) you can purchase, along with special pattern books on how to use them. Most of us find it isn’t necessary to make a large investment in our tools, and to be honest, more than a few of us would rather spend that money on yarn for our projects instead.

With 30+years of self-taught crocheting to my credit, I’ve concluded there are some tools I’m glad I invested in, while others were easily substituted. For example, markers – I always use a small strand of contrasting yarn instead. I’ve never purchased a marker yet, and my patterns and projects are none the worse for it. If you’d rather not use a strand of yarn, try a safety pin. Just be careful not to snag the yarn when you use it.

Onto my supplies…

Crochet Hooks…all sorts and sizes come in handy for various projects.

Steel Crochet Hooks…doilies and lace can’t be made without them.

Afghan and Cro-hooks…long crochet hooks with either 1 or 2 hooks on the end

Knitting Needles…Great for making broomstick lace and combining knit/crochet together
Hairpin Lace Rack…Who knew there were so many things you could do with crochet?
Scissors and Needles…Cut the yarn, bead the project, lace the ribbon…you get the idea…