Sunday, April 1, 2012

Single Crochet French Knot Stitch

by M. J. Joachim
Updated 4/20/16

The single crochet French knot stitch looks a lot like an embroidery French knot. It can be used in place of individual single crochet stitches in various patterns, or as an all-over stitch – I’m thinking it would make a darling hat with a little crocheted flower attached, as well as a neat stitch for a cute crocheted purse or belt.

You can even combine the single crochet French knot stitch with other stitches and make a fabulous sweater! One of the nice things is that because it is single crochet, you can easily match it to other stitch patterns, without worrying about the stitch count, allowing the other patterns to determine how many stitches you need, when designing your own projects.

Step 1: Insert hook in desired chain or stitch; yarn over and draw up a loop [2 loops on hook]

Step 2: Make picot à Chain 3 (using only the last loop on your hook) – expressed another way: yarn over, draw through 1 loop on hook, chain 2 a slip stitch in 1st chain [picot complete]

Step 3: Yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook

And yes, for those who might be wondering, I came up with this new stitch all by myself – after working on yesterday’s Double Crochet with Picot Stitch. The more I played with it, the more I realized that it looks almost exactly like a French knot, which is why I chose to name it as such.

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