Saturday, April 21, 2012

Star Stitch Crochet Pattern

S is for Star Stitch, in response to one of the comments left on my blog a few posts back. This one is for her, to help her remember the stitch she enjoyed using so long ago.

The Star Stitch consists of a series of double crochet + chain stitch shells, lined up vertically in rows. The beginning of each row starts with 3 chain stitches (which count as the first double crochet) and end with 1 double crochet stitch in the top of the last stitch in the row.

Shell Stitch:  double crochet, chain 1 (3 times), double crochet  
>>>>  [dc + ch 1, dc + ch 1, dc + ch 1, dc]

Foundation Chain:  Make a multiple of 4 chain stitches (+5 more chains)
Step 1:  Make shell in 6th chain from hook, skip next 3 chain stitches, make shell in next stitch

{Repeat Step 1 across row to the last 3 stitches; skip 2 chains and make 1 dc in last stitch.}

Step 2:  Chain 3, turn; skip next 2 dc and make shell in center chain space of next shell in previous row 
Step 3:  Skip next 4 dc and make shell in center chain space of previous row

{Repeat Steps 2 and 3 across row, ending with 1 dc in top of last stitch in row.}

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for pattern.