Monday, April 23, 2012

Teal/Turquoise Tunisian Openwork Stitch Bookmark 3KCBWDAY1

Bookmarks are an easy item to crochet anytime and anywhere. I’ve made several of them over the years, and they are always treasured keepsakes to be kept for personal use, or given away as lovely gifts. Today’s bookmark is made with some leftover size 10 teal/turquoise variegated doily thread. It seems teal and turquoise are very familiar and welcome colors in my world. They’re main colors in my kitchen, accent colors throughout my home and I truly enjoy my blue tones of blooming flowers in my garden. Of course, I also have lots of other colors out there. As it turns out, I’m also very enthusiastic about variegated yarns. Don’t ask me why. I simply seem to have an abundance of it in my stash.  3KCBWDAY1

Today’s Tunisian pattern is going to use a standard hook to cast stitches on and off. Bookmarks don’t require a lot of foundation stitches, and it’s easier to work with doily thread this way. Before we get into how to make the bookmark, we need to discuss the appearance of the traditional Tunisian crochet stitch. 

You can see from the picture that there are vertical and horizontal bars. The Tunisian Openwork stitch requires you to alternate going through both a vertical and horizontal bar together, and then skipping the next vertical bar, and inserting your hook through the next horizontal bar only.


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Tunisian Openwork Stitch Instructions (worked on front side of fabric only)

Step 1:  Chain an even number of stitches
Step 2:  Cast on loops across your hook, through each chain, keeping each loop on your hook >>> insert hook into chain or stitch, yarn over, draw up loop

Step 3:  Cast off loops >>> Yarn over, draw through 1 loop only (for the edge), *yarn over and draw through 2 loops on your hook.  Repeat from * until you have only 1 loop remaining on your hook.

Step 4:  Insert hook through next vertical and horizontal bar in the previous row; yarn over and cast loop onto hook.
Step 5:  Skip next vertical bar; insert hook into next horizontal bar and cast on loop.
{Repeat Steps 4 and 5 across row to cast on loops.}
Repeat Steps 3 – 5 for pattern.
Special Note:  Be sure to cast on loop from edge to keep your edge even.  It is important to count the loops you cast on, so they remain the same amount as your initial foundation row.

Tunisian Openwork Stitch Bookmark Instructions

You Will Need

Size 10 Doily Thread
Size D Crochet Hook
Beads for Fringe (optional)
Step 1:  Make a Foundation Chain of 12
Step 2:  Follow Steps 2 – 5 to make Tunisian Openwork Stitch pattern, until bookmark is the length desired. Finish off.

Step 3:  Cut strands of doily thread for fringe. Evenly space it across the foundation chain you made when beginning your bookmark. Use as much fringe as you’d like, based on personal preference.
Step 4:  To make fringe, pull a loop through, yarn over, pull through and secure

Add beads to fringe if desired. Depending on how you’d like your finished bookmark to look, you can add beads on each strand of fringe, or only on some strands. The beads you choose will also affect this decision.
Step 5:  After all beads and fringe is in place, trim the ends to even it out.
Step 6:  Take an end strand and tie it around all the fringe strands, securing it on the back side of your bookmark. Weave in loose strand at other end of bookmark.