Friday, May 4, 2012

Cro-hook Basics

Use a cro-hook (an afghan hook with a hook on both ends) to create this interesting fabric. It is similar to Tunisian crochet, except you alternate two colors from either end of your hook, to cast stitches on and off, creating a beautiful close weave fabric.

Step 1:  Make a foundation chain

Step 2:  Insert hook in 2nd chain from hook and draw up a loop (cast on). Continue to cast on stitches from each chain stitch in your foundation chain across the row.

Step 3:  Slide loop down to hook on other end of cro-hook. Flip hook and join 2nd color as follows:  make a loop on your hook with 2nd color, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on your hook.

Step 4:  Yarn over; draw through 2 loops at a time to cast loops off your hook until you have 1 loop remaining on your hook.

Step 5:  Insert hook in 2nd stitch from hook and cast on stitches as in Step 2.

*Special Note:  Count your loops for accuracy if necessary. You should always cast on the same amount of loops as your foundation chain. Be sure to keep your sides even.

Step 6:  Slide loop down to opposite hook. Cast off loops as in Step 4, using your 1st color to do so.

Basic Motions in Pattern

Cast on loops with first color.
Slide fabric to opposite hook.
Cast off loops with second color. Cast on loops with second color.
Slide fabric to opposite hook.
Cast off loops with first color.

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