Friday, May 11, 2012

Simple Cro-hook Bookmark

Using a small cro-hook (I found mine at Hobby Lobby), and two colors of size 10 doily thread, you can make a simple and charming cro-hook bookmark. I used taupe for Color A and pink for color B to make the bookmark pictured.

Step 1:  Chain 9; follow the Cro-hook Basics post instructions until your bookmark is the length desired.
Step 2:  On the last row, when your bookmark has one loop of Color A left on the hook, single crochet across the top of the bookmark and finish off. Weave in loose ends, and voila! You have made a Simple Cro-hook Bookmark in a very short time. Mine took about an hour to make, if that.

Cro-hooking usually creates a tightly woven fabric. However, using a smaller cro-hook and doily thread, you create a lacy look that can be used for many other projects as well. Happy crocheting, good people!

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