Saturday, May 19, 2012

Time to Accept and Share the Beautiful Blogger Award

Life has been keeping me hopping from one thing to the next lately, which is why this Beautiful Blog Award is so amazing today. Truth be told, I’m feeling more frazzled than beautiful these days, and my friend Judith over at Among the Pots and Pans has phenomenally wonderful timing…I like feeling beautiful much more than frazzled, so accepting this award is an absolute pleasure!~ Thank you, dear lady!

A few things about me…

Swimming is my all-time favorite exercise, and I positively love swimming in the ocean.

Big roller coaster fan here, particularly the Giant Dipper in Santa Cruz, California. Yes, that is a picture of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz, California. I took it a few years ago, when I visited my Mom for her 80th birthday.
Documentaries, as well as educational and informational programs are some of my favorites to watch, along with a good crime drama or two.
As much as I try to eat as healthy as I can, I still have to have my junk food fix from time to time.
My backyard has been and continues to be a work in progress. When it is all finished, it’s not only going to look fantastically beautiful, but will provide us with a large assortment of fresh produce and gorgeous flowers most of the year too.

I’ve always been interested in alternative medicine, and if I ever get cancer, I will probably opt to skip chemo and radiation, in favor of some of the things I’ve learned from documentaries. Please refer to these articles I’ve written on the subject, for more information:

Enough about me…time to share this beautiful blogger award with some very deserving recipients…
Happy Saturday, good people! Enjoy your weekend!

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