Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mobius Shawl Pattern 101312

Guest Post by Glory Lennon, 

Author of Glory’s Garden and Violet's in Bloom

So, there I was on Facebook and I come across a photo of the pretty-as-can-be infinity shawl/scarf.
I don’t mind saying I fell in love with it instantly. I didn’t, however, like the price tag attached. I looked it over and said, “I can make this myself for less than a quarter of that price.” Looked easy enough, it did, so I set about replicating it. From what I could see you only needed to know how to do chains, single crochet and possibly a slip stitch. Really, what crocheter doesn’t know those basic stitches?
Now, I’m not one to easily decipher the crochet work of others just from a photo. I try, but that doesn’t mean I’m good at it, but, as I said, it did look relatively easy. It seemed to be a mesh type pattern, so that is what I tried.  I just did a long string of foundation chains—enough to go around my shoulders with a few inches for comfort. Then I did single crochet every seventh chain all along.  I tried it for a while, but after the second or third row it didn’t quite look right to me—not the way I wanted it anyway.
That is when I recalled a post MJ had on deciphering crochet patterns from a photo. Well, Jiminy! She was obviously an expert at it, and what do you do when you are not entirely certain of something and you have an expert on hand? Well, that’s what I did; I asked her.
I showed MJ the photo—ah, through the miracle of the world wide web-- thanks to Mr. Gore, of course—I sat at my computer in Pennsylvania and MJ almost all the way across our great, vast country to Arizona and within minutes she sent me a link of the exact stitch tutorial I needed, simple netting. Talk about service!

I couldn’t have been more pleased. Well, not exactly true. I was much more pleased following her instructions to make my shawl come out perfectly. It wasn’t drastically different from my pattern, but I just liked MJ’s pattern better. I think it came out rather nice. MJ asked me to show her followers how to make their own Mobius shawl. Get out your crochet hooks, then. You’re going to like making this simple project—even easy enough for a beginner.
If you’re wondering why I call this a Mobius shawl, it’s because that is the shape it takes. Of course, if you are not a math enthusiast, this may go over your head. In that case, just think of the infinity sign or a figure 8. The finished shawl is in the form of a tube with a twist which turned on itself. Get it? Perhaps if you look at the photo you can see the twist. Don’t let that confuse you into thinking the shawl must be difficult to make. It is made as a flat rectangle and when you reach the desired width you join the two ends together after giving one end a flip to the other side. Oh, but you needn’t worry about that yet. You have to make the thing first and here’s how!

How to make a Mobius Shawl

The Mobius shawl is approximately 52 inches in diameter by 15 inches wide. It is a stretchy, forgiving pattern so a less wide shawl would look nice, too.

I used worsted weight cotton yarn, Peaches and Crème, a large 14 oz cone, but I don’t think I used more than half.

Crochet hook I


1.     Chain 152 (or any number divisible by 4 plus 1)

2.     Single crochet in 10th chain.

3.     Chain 5, skip 3 chain stitches and single crochet in next chain. Do this across to the end.

4.     Chain 5, single crochet in the 5-chain loop from previous row. Do this across to the end.

5.     Repeat step #4 until the desired width.

6.     To join the two ends, flip one end to the opposite side. Chain 3, single crochet to the corresponding space on the other end.

7.     Chain 3, single crochet in the corresponding space on the other end. Continue in this fashion with chain 3 and single crochet going back and forth on the two ends until the end.

8.     Slip stitch all the way around the entire shawl, fasten off and weave in ends.

That is all there is to it. I hope you try this Mobius shawl. If you don’t want one for yourself, then maybe for someone on your Christmas/gift-giving list.

Glory Lennon

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