Saturday, November 3, 2012

Simple Picture Circle

by M. J. Joachim
Only 7 more weeks until Christmas! Time sure is flying fast these days! Today’s project is so easy, you’ll be able to make dozens of them, just in the nick of time! Simple picture circles are great for relatives and close friends.

Teachers can make bunches of them for their students. Students can wind ribbon, glue on beads and decorate them, to make special keepsakes for parents. Teachers can even use this simple project as a means to teach math.

Simple Picture Circle Tutorial

Step 1:  Chain 16; make a ring by joining with a slip stitch to the 1st chain

Step 2:  Chain 2 and make 35 half double crochet stitches in the center of the ring.

Half Double Crochet Stitch (hdc)

>>>yarn over, draw up a loop
>>>yarn over, draw through all 3 loops on hook

Step 3:  Chain 1, single crochet in same space
Step 4:  Chain 5, single crochet in 3rd hdc from hook
[Repeat Step 4 around, ending with chain 5 and a slip stitch to the 1st sc in round.]
Weave in loose ends.

Make Ornament or Magnet

Attach a round of felt or other fabric to the back, leaving an opening at the top, to insert a picture.  Add string or a crochet chain loop to hang an ornament; add a self-adhesive magnet to mount a magnet on fridge.
That’s all for now, good people! Thanks for visiting the Lots of Crochet Stitches blog!
M. J.

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