Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Zig Zag Lozenge Stitch Pattern

by M. J. Joachim
Uses 3 Colors:  A, B and C; alternate making 1 row of each color in turn
Note:  Carry last color used up alongside of work.

Special Instructions

Change colors by making ½ of the stitch you need, and drawing other color through, as you finish the other ½ of your stitch.

Special Stitches

Double Crochet Decrease

a.  Yarn over, insert hook in stitch or space
b.  Yarn over, draw up a loop; 
c.  Yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook
d.  Repeat a, b and c once more
e.  Yarn over, draw through all loops on hook



Foundation:  (Using Color A) Make a foundation chain divisible by 2 (+3 more chain stitches)
Step 1:  Make 1 half double crochet in 3rd chain from hook
Step 2:  Skip next chain; make (hdc, chain 1, hdc) in next chain
[Repeat Step 2 across row to last two chains. Skip second to last chain.]

Step 3:  Make ½ hdc in last chain, and join Color B to finish last hdc

Step 4:  Using next color, chain 3; turn
Step 5:  Make 1 double crochet in 1st stitch
Step 6:  Chain 1, double crochet decrease in next chain 1 space
[Repeat Step 6 across row. End with chain 1 + 1 double crochet decrease in top of turning chain. Join next color, as you finish row.]

Step 7:  Using next color (and carrying it up the side of your work), chain 2, turn

Step 8:  Make (hdc, chain 1, hdc) in next chain 1 space
[Repeat Step 8 across row, ending with 1 hdc in top of turning chain, and switching colors.]

Step 9:  Chain 3, turn
Step 10:  Work double crochet decrease in next chain 1 space; chain 1
[Repeat Step 10 across row, ending with 1 double crochet in top of turning chain.]

Step 11:  Using next color, chain 2, turn
Step 12:  Make 1 hdc in 1st stitch, skip next chain 1 space; repeat Step 8 across row
Repeat Steps 4 – 12 for pattern.

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M. J.

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