Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lace Hat – A Work in Progress

Happy Wednesday to you, good people! Amidst my many (in-progress) crochet projects, preparing for our extreme heat and (hopefully) some big monsoon storms this summer, as well as kids being out of school, writing to this blog gets delayed from time to time. We’re into the 110s to one-teens these days. Heat like this has a way of zapping the zip out of us at times. We tend to hang out in the much cooler places like pools, rivers, movie theaters and malls – where the air is always kept much colder than we dare to keep our homes.  Those cooling bills can be frightening at times.  I’m sure you understand.

Here’s a pic of that doily project you all like so much…

Except it isn’t a doily anymore. It’s a sun hat. I just started making the brim a few days ago. My expectation is to make about 10 rounds or so of front loop only crochet and consider it a completed project, once I finish it off and tie in loose ends and shape it over a bowl.

Trusting and hoping you’re all having a fabulous and amazing summer too!

As always, thank you for following and encouraging me with my blog and crochet work:)
Best to all,
M. J.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Progress on Latest Doily Project

Not much to say today...
Simply wanted to share the latest progress on my doily.

Life is...and these days, "is" is the operative word.
Happy Friday, good people. Wishing you all only good things:)

M. J.