Friday, August 31, 2012

Trestle Crochet Stitch Tutorial

As I worked out the details of the trestle crochet stitch, a lot of ideas came to mind. It would be fun to lace satin ribbon through the mesh, or use the woven overlay technique to embellish the overall appearance. As for projects, with Christmas only a few months away, it seems this could make a nice stocking pattern, sewn over a colorful Christmas fabric, enhanced with beads, ribbon and all sorts of decorations. Of course, the trestle crochet stitch also lends itself to a very intriguing evergreen project I thought of as I made my swatch. I’ll be sharing it with you, once I work out the details and create the finished pattern.

Foundation chain: Multiple of 4 chain (+6 more chain stitches)
Step 1:  Double crochet in 6th chain from hook
Step 2:  Chain 3
Step 3:  Skip 3 chain, double crochet in next chain
[Repeat Steps 2 and 3, ending with 1 dc in last stitch]

Step 4:  Chain 4, turn
Step 5:  Single crochet in 2nd chain of chain 3 loop, chain 2
Step 6:  Double crochet in next dc, chain 2
[Repeat Steps 5 and 6, ending with 1 single crochet in 3rd chain of turning chain]

Step 7:  Chain 4, turn
Step 8:  Double crochet in next dc, chain 3
[Repeat Step 8 across row, ending with 1 dc in last chain of turning chain]

Repeat Steps 4 – 8 for pattern.
Happy crocheting everyone! Until next time, I wish you every wonderful thing.
M. J. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crocheted Christmas Ornament Pattern 083012

Yesterday’s motif pattern gave way to an intriguing idea. I spent some time working out the details and here is the final result. I believe this pattern would make a nice hair accessory, gift tag embellishment and perhaps a few other things as well. What’s your take on this nifty pattern? Is it too big for earrings? All you’d need to do is add a wire hook or secure a small post through the top of the loop and your ear. Yes, I think this pattern will make all sorts of neat things. How about you?

You Will Need
Size 10 doily thread
Size ½.75 mm crochet hook

Step 1: Make 3 motifs – click here for motif pattern

Step 2:  Fold 1st motif in half. Insert hook and join crochet thread through center of both halfs with a slip stitch.

Step 3:  Fold 2nd motif in same manner and join to first motif in the same way. Chain 1. Repeat with 3rd motif.

Step 4:  Pull tight and insert hook through all 3 motifs again to secure.
Step 5:  Chain 40. Single crochet in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain back to center of ornament.

Step 6:  Fold top of single crochet strip over and join to center of ornament. Finish off.

Step 7:  Open motifs, lightly steam and shape.

Add glitter or beads to embellish ornament.
That’s all for now, good people. Until next time, I wish you well!
M. J. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crochet Snowflake Pattern 082912

It’s another original pattern I’ve created, strictly for your pleasure! Don’t mind the numbers in the title, please. It’s only the date to help keep patterns organized and easier to find.

Step 1: Chain 2, single crochet 6 times in 2nd chain from hook. Join with a slip stitch to first single crochet.

Step 2:  Chain 5, slip stitch in next single crochet.
[Repeat Step 2 around, ending with a slip stitch in first slip stitch.] 6 loops

Step 3:  Single crochet in next loop; chain 5 and single crochet in same loop.
[Repeat Step 3 in each loop around, joining with a slip stitch to first single crochet.]

Step 4:  Slip stitch in next chain 5 loop. *Chain 3 (counts as 1st dc), make 2 more double crochet in same chain 5 loop, make 1 triple crochet and 3 more dc in same chain 5 loop.
Step 5:  Make (3 dc, 1 tr, 3 dc) in each loop around. Join with a slip stitch to 3rd chain of beginning chain 3 in round.

Step 6:  Slip stitch in each of next 2 dc and in next triple. Repeat Step 4 from * in same triple.
Step 7:  Chain 3, repeat Step 5 in next triple.
[Repeat Step 7 around, ending with a slip stitch in top of beginning chain 3 in round.]
Step 8:  Slip stitch in next 2 dc; single crochet in next triple. Make picot (chain 2, ss in 1st chain) in same triple.
Step 9:  Chain 4, sc in next chain 3 space, make picot, chain 4, sc in next triple, make picot.

[Repeat Step 9 around, ending with slip stitch in 1st sc.]

Finish off. Weave in loose ends.

Here’s hoping this pattern makes you smile!

Until next time then,
M. J. 

Flower in Hexagon Motif on Steroids – haha!

Step 1

Make motifs with this pattern.  

Step 2

Join motifs like this.

Join each motif around center motif first.
Join sides of outer motifs second.

Work in progress Wednesday…

Until next time, good people, I wish you well!

M. J. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer Crochet Projects - Winding Down

 While I wasn’t able to spend a whole lot of my summer crocheting, I did manage to complete 2 fairly significant projects I had begun earlier in the year.  The first is that huge chunky yarn blanket – you remember, the one without a pattern and nothing but my imagination to keep increasing it. Well, a minor dilemma soon gave way to the finished project. The blanket had far more width than height; consequently, it was short for anyone who might like to cuddle up with it, myself included, I’m afraid – and I’m rather short in the grand scheme of things.

Problem solved by adding a simple single crochet blanket cuff across the entire top border. Using my last three skeins of yarn, I crocheted the final border. I’m currently in the process of finishing off all my loose ends; as you can see, the project turned out rather large, so this could take me a while.

My second project is the cro-hook scarf I shared with you quite some time ago. It wasn’t brain surgery or rocket science – just a few rows here, a few rows there. Simplicity makes this scarf all the more pleasing to me. Some crochet patterns don’t need a lot of pizzazz to be beautiful  pieces anyone would be proud to wear or display.

As for my doily hat – presented in a previous post…

I gave it to my Mom for her birthday. She already has a few winter hats I’ve made, so I thought a summer hat might make her smile – especially one with so much intricate detail, which required so much time and effort to create. She’s a crocheter too, so I’m sure she appreciates the skill and work it takes to make such things.

That’s enough for now…

There’s more catching up to do in other areas, as this extremely hot and very rainy, monsoon season winds down in the beautiful Arizona desert.

Until next time then, I wish you well!
M. J.