Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crafters, Start Your Planning!

by M. J. Joachim
January 6th already…wow! The holidays came and went in a flash this year. Mildly low-key is a fair description for mine. I wasn’t that into cooking or decorating this year, though I did make the traditional candy and cookies, and (better late than never) my tree, village and outside lights created the expected ambiance and feeling of Christmas.
Our home is back to normal now…save a few things yet to be moved into storage. Family is finishing up the last moments of winter breaks, soaking up those precious and treasured moments together with laughter and longing for more. By tomorrow this time, it will be just me and my Shadow. He’s the family dog.
Prep time has been in the works…ambition move over – time to redefine the word busy J Just when I think I know exactly what I’m doing, unexpected things direct my efforts elsewhere.
A – Z Challenge, have you no mercy?!
For those of you who blog, this is the place to be in April!
No time like the present to get ready…
Heard about it last minute in 2012 – almost drove me crazy, but I made it! However, it would have been so much easier, had I known about it earlier, so I could plan my posts just a little bit better – we crafters need our time to create, you know.
This one’s for you, kind followers…an opportunity to show off your work in grand style and share it with all sorts of wonderful and amazing bloggers! It’s a bit early yet, so your best bet is to follow the Challenge Blog and stay tuned.
Wishing every success and lots of luck to all who join!
M. J.
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Photo Credit:  Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution