Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crochet Tips and Advice with a Hint of Blog News

You may have noticed all the new Recent Website Posts listed in the left side margin. I have been busy, it's true. Along with adding pages to our site, I’ve been designing and writing up future blog posts for this year’s A – Z Blogging Challenge. You may have noticed the new A – Z badge I posted a short time ago, under the Recent Website Posts. I’ve got something very special in mind this year, and it’s allowing me to exercise my creative, artsy side with crochet like never before.

Onto the task at hand – sharing a few tried and true crochet tips with you…

1. Metal crochet hooks usually last forever and are easier on your yarn than wooden crochet hooks, which can splinter and fray the yarn after extended use. Metal hooks also help you keep your stitches more even and consistent.
2. Working in rounds usually means you never have to turn the fabric, making it easier to create accurate stitch counts. If you struggle with counting stitches when making rows, try making motifs (in the round) and joining them together, for better accuracy.
3. Weave over loose ends as you work. Plan ahead. If you know you’ll be joining motifs, adding trims or edges etc., leave loose ends to be crocheted over, so you can avoid weaving them in later.
4. When joining motifs, lay them out the way you want to join them first. Then, take a picture that you can refer to as you work.
5. Provide yourself with a wonderful work place – one where you can focus on your crochet, keeping it pristine and accurate. Work sitting up, with good posture and a table in front of you to hold all your supplies. This simple step can drastically improve the quality of your work.
Until next time, happy crocheting!
M. J.
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