Monday, April 15, 2013

Marigold Flower

by M. J. Joachim
Marigolds are plentiful in my garden, so it makes perfect sense to crochet them for you. Be sure and leave a long tail when begin making your marigold. I used size 10 orange doily thread with a 1/2.75 mm steel hook for the one you see pictured in this post. I also used three pieces of pipe cleaner (1 orange and 2 green) and floral tape. 
Step 1:  Make a slip stitch on your hook and single crochet over your tail, leaving a couple of inches of tail at the end – 8 inch tail, approximately 6 inches of single crochet stitches over it
Step 2:  Chain 4 (counts as 1st triple croche), turn; triple crochet in each single crochet back to the beginning of your chain
Step 3:  Chain 1, turn; single crochet in 1st triple
Step 4:  Make shell (5 double crochet stitches) in next triple; single crochet in next triple
[Repeat Step 4 to end]

Finish off.
Step 5:  Gently pull tail to gather spiral together

Step 6:  Start at the bottom, gently tugging each layer of petals, shaping bud as you work

Step 7:  Pull both tails (long tail & tail from finishing off) through 1st sc in last row of spiral at top of flower
Step 8:  Insert hook form bottom of flower (on bottom petal layer) and pull bloth threads through on stitch – doesn’t matter which one, at base of flower too
Step 9:  Insert hook in nearby stitch and finish off both threads together. Fluff out marigold bud.
Step 10:  Insert (matching) pipe cleaner through bottom center of flower. Secure and hide top of pipe cleaner between petals.

Step 11:  Join a second piece of (stem colored) pipe cleaner to base of flower stem. Twist both pieces of pipe cleaner together, wrapping in loose crochet ends as you work.

Step 12:  Fold up pipe cleaner and mold it to make leaves. Join a 3rd piece of pipe cleaner, for added foliage if desired.

Optional:  Carefully wrap floral tape over stem and leaf frames. Add tiny beads to center of flower for sparkle and added effect.

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Photo credit:  Orange marigolds, Leon Brooks, Public Domain
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