Monday, April 29, 2013

Yucca Flower

by M. J. Joachim
Yucca is a desert plant and the flowers are positively gorgeous! My instructions for making the yucca plant are general. You can make yours any size, by using materials dependent upon your needs and desires. The yucca plant pictured is a small plant. I used 6 inch pieces of pipe cleaner for the flower strands. These worked well for the Cup of Leaves I made to go with this post.
I used a baby soft cream colored yarn and a size G hook. I also used branch colored pipe cleaner, because the color closely resembles the yucca plants in my own neighborhood.
Begin by Making 1 Cup of Leaves
Step 1:  Chain 4; make a popcorn stitch
>>>Double crochet 3 times in 4th chain from hook
>>>Remove hook from loop
>>>Insert hook in last chain of 1st chain 4 and back through loop removed
>>>Yarn over, draw through both loops on hook

 [Repeat Step 1, to make a long row of solitary popcorn stitches.]
These can vary in length, ranging between 6 – 10 popcorn stitches.
Weave in loose ends.
Step 2:  Weave a piece of pipe cleaner through popcorn stitches – leave a bit of pipe cleaner at each end.

Make several strands of popcorn stitches with pipe cleaner – 5 to 8 works well for each plant.

Step 3:  Bunch up bottom of pipe cleaner and twist it together. Repeat for top of pipe cleaner, strategically placing petals as you work.

Step 4:  Insert bottom of pipe cleaner thorough center of cup of leaves; untwist and lay flat, wrapping loose ends of pipe cleaner up around base of plant.

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M. J.
Photo credit:  M. J. Joachim (©2013 All Rights Reserved); Yucca filamentosa, Moriori, Public Domain
©2013 All Rights Reserved