Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sisterly Love – Sharing a Crochet Story

by M. J. Joachim

I grew up watching my mom crochet. All eight of her kids and almost too many grandkids to count each have a special afghan she made just for us. Mine is 30+ years old and still in very good condition. Not to mention countless bootie and bonnet sets she’s made as shower gifts over the years, watching mom crochet – or watching t.v. knowing she was sitting on the couch, crocheting in the background was the norm.
The last several days have sent me into a bit of a whirlwind. My mom is in ICU in the hospital. Your prayers for her would be very much appreciated.
I remember a time that probably lasted a couple of years or so. My mom made aluminum can crochet hats. She spent hours cutting the cans into proper rectangles and punching holes around the sides. Then she crocheted a border around each one, joining them together to make a hat.
Naturally beer can hats were extremely popular, as were Coke and Pepsi – 7-up, not so much. Crochet was mom’s thing; somewhere along the line, it became my thing too. She didn’t actually teach me how to crochet. I just watched her for so many years, that when I decided to learn, it was almost second nature to me.
One of the reasons I’m sharing this story with you is because yesterday, my dear blogging friend Tina gave me a sisterhood blogging award. Sisters share their stories, and this is one of mine.
Sisters also share the love and give great big group hugs. Here are the sisters I want to hug with this post:
…and so many more!
I only listed 5 of you. It’s a magic sister number for me, because I am #5 of my own sisters…5 girls and 3 boys – yep, mom had her hands full! No wonder she crocheted so much. lol
I’m still working on making that doily from my last post bigger. Lots of interruptions as of late; I need quiet and limited interruptions to design my patterns. Sorry for the delay, but life happens, and right now it’s happening in a big way in my little corner of the world.
Thank you for visiting Lots of Crochet Stitches.
Best to all,
M. J.

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