Saturday, November 8, 2014

DC3 Stitch

by M. J. Joachim

DC3 All Over Pattern

Ever the one to play with my yarn, I came up with this stitch yesterday. It’s about as tall as a double crochet stitch, so I think chaining 3 at the beginning of a row works well. I’m going to call this stitch the DC3 stitch. I don’t know if it’s ever been made before or not, so it might have another name. I know I’ve never seen it before and was just experimenting with my hook and yarn when I came up with it.

For the single DC3 stitch example I chained 4 and made 1 DC3 in the first chain.

DC3 Single Stitch

Step 1: Yarn over, insert hook in desired stitch or space; yarn over, draw up a loop
Repeat Step 1 (one more time)

Step 2: Yarn over, draw through 3 loops on hook
Repeat Step 2 (one more time)

For the trim, I made a single DC3, then I chained 4 and made another DC3 stitch in the 4th chain from my hook. I continued this pattern to make as many DC3’s as I wanted.

DC3 Trim

For the all over stitch pattern I made any number of chain stitches (+3 more chain stitches for my foundation row. Then I made 1 DC3 in each chain across, starting with the 4th chain from the hook.

I chained 3 at the beginning of each row, and made 1 DC3 in the first stitch and each stitch across the row, but not in top of the turning chain.

If it weren’t for crochet, my hands would whittle away. 

Here’s to keeping you in stitches. Thanks for stopping by and visiting today.

M. J.

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