Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wrapped Triple Crochet Stitches

by M. J. Joachim

I decided to play with triple crochet stitches a little more, since yesterday’s post was so much fun.

Before I get into steps, I’d like to invite you all to the Google + community I created only a few hours ago. It’s called Effectively Human, and it’s a group dedicated to people. You can share what you do, how you feel or brag about other people there. The purpose of Effectively Human is for people to work together, to make the world a better place, and this is our very own little online community, to discuss, promote and share everything related to us. I do hope you’ll join me and help spread the word about it, please.

Now, onto our tutorial…

Step 1: Yarn over (twice), insert hook in desired space or stitch; yarn over pull up a loop

Step 2: (Chain 1 + yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook) three times

That’s all there is to it. For all over patterns, make a base chain of 7; begin new rows with chain 7.

Thanks so much for visiting, commenting on and sharing this post today. I’ll see you again soon, and I hope to enjoy your company over in the Effectively Human Google + Community.

M. J.

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