Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Crochet Books for Beginners

by M. J. Joachim

You may have seen them, those books that have been thumbed through hundreds of times and are falling apart. The information in them is that good, and their reliability is timeless. These crochet books will help you improve your skills, challenge your abilities and create amazing projects:

The Pattern Library Crochet

This small book explains everything you need to know about crochet if you are a beginner. It is well organized with detailed graphs in the front that show you crochet techniques. Stitch patterns are logically sequenced, and each has a color picture of what the patterns look like when completed.

Patterns instructions include information on using different yarns and hooks sizes when making them. They tell you the multiple of stitches you need to make a project. This way you can use the pattern to make anything you want, as opposed to following one pattern for one specific item.

The Pattern Library Crochet: ISBN # is: 0-345-32711-X

The Crochet Stitch Bible

This spiral bound book contains over 200 stitch instructions, including several variations for Tunisian crochet, broomstick lace and beading procedures. Each stitch includes a stitch key and chart to help you visualize the pattern sequence. Colorful diagrams are strategically placed throughout The Crochet Stitch Bible, as well as helpful tips and information that make it easier to learn new stitches and techniques.

The Crochet Stitch Bible: ISBN # is: 978=0-87349-717-6

Super Finishing Techniques for Crocheters

This book shows you how to give crochet work a professional finished look. You will learn how to add zippers and buttons to your patterns, apply trims and embroidery, combine yarns, make pockets, add beads, filet crochet and more. An excellent feature in this book is “Be your own designer” at the end of each chapter. Here you are challenged to apply what you have learned into your very own unique project. Basic instructions get you started, but the rest is up to you.

Super Finishing Techniques for Crocheters: ISBN # is: 978-0-312-57049-1

101 Stitches for Afghans

While this book claims to be for afghans, you will find that these stitch combinations can be incorporated into many different projects. The organization of this instructional book is such that you can adapt its patterns to bookmarks, washcloths, clothing and probably just about anything else too.

Stitches patterns are listed with a picture, materials (meaning how many colors of yarn, plus color sequence), and special stitch instructions. Individual pattern instructions begin by telling you the multiple of chain stitches you need to follow it and listing the sequence of pattern rows in order. Right away you know how many rows it will take to make a specific design. Your design will then be repeated to make an all over pattern.

101 Stitches for Afghans: ISBN # is: 0-88195-763-1

All of these books are reasonably priced and available online. Use these crochet books to do many things with this wonderful craft. You are apt to steadily increased your knowledge and skills, design patterns, sell projects or teach others how to crochet because of them. Crochet might turn into one of your favorite pastimes as you continue to learn more from these invaluable resources.

Beginning crocheters will find more than enough information in these references to help them learn and master the art of crocheting. Intermediate to advanced students will also benefit as they challenge themselves to learn new stitches and techniques, ever improving their ability to crochet.

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