Monday, December 15, 2014

Crochet Projects for Kids

by M. J. Joachim

One of the best crochet projects for kids is a simple chain. Give them a large hook and big ball of yarn and let them compete with their friends to see who can make the longest chain. They will sit for long periods of time inserting their hook and pulling out loops to lengthen their personal chains. Then they will run around with them, dragging them everywhere they go, measuring them to see who made the longest one.

Kids turn their crochet chains into games too. One child will spin around, holding the chain as he goes. Another child will try to hop over the chain without stepping on it. They might even make a few chains and tie them together into a cat or puppy toy. Teach a child how to make a crochet chain and they will surprise you with the many ways they think of using it.

Crochet chains are the foundation for all sorts of crochet projects. Once a child is hooked on chaining, it’s easy to teach them how to make their chains into other things. Begin with small projects and teach them how to single crochet after they are comfortable making the chain stitch. Square motifs made using chain and single crochet stitches can be turned into potholders and doll pillows. These projects work up quickly, preventing children from becoming bored with them before they have a chance to finish making them. It’s very exciting to see a child’s face when they feel such a sense of accomplishment after finishing a simple crochet project.

As children gain confidence in their ability to complete a crochet project, they can be introduced to crochet projects like pompoms, flowers and hollow ovals. They can continue using chain and single crochet stitches or learn double crochet to make these items. Pompoms and flowers can be attached to magnets that are proudly displayed on the refrigerator, while hollow ovals can be turned into rattles or colorful Easter eggs.

Children can fill plastic Easter eggs with rice, beans or a jingle bell. They can insert the egg into their hollow oval before they begin to seal off the Easter egg inside and make a rattle. Provide cotton stuffing for kids to fill their Easter egg ovals. Teach them to join stitches together (decrease), making them tight enough to close an opening.

Another great crochet project for kids is small stuffed animals. These are made in parts, so the child has a sense of accomplishment after finishing each section. Stuffed animals have limited instructions for each body part. This is a wonderful way to teach children how to read and follow crochet patterns and learn new stitches and techniques.

The best crochet projects for kids begin simply, allowing them to build on the previous skills they are already enjoying in crochet. They are easy to make and encourage creativity, without having to produce a perfect final project. Projects that produce quick, successful results are preferred. Kids who enjoy the rewards of their labor are more likely to continue doing it in the future.

Thanks so much for visiting, commenting on and sharing this post today. Crochet is one of those things that needs to be passed down from generation to generation. I’ve taught my kids how to do it and they really like having the skill of crochet in their personal bag of tricks.

Until next time, I wish you every good thing!

M. J.

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